R.I.P. Robbie Shakespeare 1953 – 2021

Robbie Shakespeare
RI.P. Robbie Shakespeare 1953 – 2021

On 08.12.2021 the exceptional bassist Robbie Shakespeare passed away at the age of 68. Together with his companion Sly Dunbar, Robbie brought the dancehalls and dance floors to the boil both in the formation Sly & Robbie and as a rhythm section with the reggae band Black Uhuru.

In 1987 the dancefloor banger album „Rhythm Killers“ was released, produced by Material & Bill Laswell, which in my opinion is one of the best dancefloor albums of all time. We sold hundreds of copies of this album out of the box at our Disco DJ Record store in Fulda, Germany in those days.
Dance to the album and thus commemorate Robbie Shakespeare – because that’s what he always wanted: to make people dance and see them happy.

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