Call For Action: Freedom for Ukraine and Europe (15.03.2022)

Call For Action: Freedom for Ukraine and Europe

Artists and producers, I am reaching out to you directly because of your enormous reach and fan base.



You have the reach, you are multipliers. If we are the bandwidth, then you are the transmission network, the transmission mast with enormous reach. We are the grassroots, we are the campaigners, the idea generators, the people on the ground, YOUR people on the ground, or even YOUR fans.

I have told you before, asked you for it: Tell us what you need, tell us the demands that you need for the freedom of Ukraine. Lets use the possibilities of all digital communication to find the most effective way for joint actions. We will implement it online, through the media and on the streets, with all the ideas and creativity we have, and you will spread the message hundreds of thousands of times.

We want the same as you. You have the reach to move the masses, we give you the power of ideas and the street.

Lets finally work together, lets get rid of anonymity, lets build a network, Europe-wide, World-wide. Lets coordinate among ourselves how to proceed in order to put pressure on the hesitant politicians, so that Ukraine does not become the plaything of an aggressor and dictator.

Let us fight together for the freedom of Ukraine and Europe. Let us together bring Putin to his knees. Lets tell the politicians loud and clear what we demand from them - together, shoulder to shoulder.

In summary, this means:

  • We are independent and politically unaffiliated.
  • Artists and producers team up with authors, bloggers, PR professionals, etc. You have the reach and the big fan base.
  • You have the reach and the big fan base, we do the work for you, we write, blog, design and you put it out to the world, we organize events, take care of cooperations with NPOs, press, TV and other groups and institutions.
  • Together we discuss what we want to achieve and how we want to achieve it.
  • We want to become international: our French friends influence the French government, the English friends the English government, the German comrades-in-arms the German government and so on.
  • We address the politicians directly: with joint petitions, with mass letters, demonstrations.
  • We show the politicians that we are international.Together we mobilize the masses and realize our demands.

Our action goals

Our goals could look like this:

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