Cha Wa: Tiny Desk Home Concert

Cha Wa
Tiny Desk (Home) Concert
Published: 18.20.2021
Platform: YouTube (1080p)
Genre: R&B, Funk, Jazz, Blues

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Hi friends, I’m taking you on a colorful, life-affirming journey to New Orleans, the musical cradle of blues, R&B, jazz, funk and incredibly good black music.

And it’s exactly this incomparably awesome music that is played by Cha Wa.

Cha Wa is a Grammy-nominated Mardi Gras Indian funk band from New Orleans, Louisiana. The name Cha Wa is a colloquial phrase used by Mardi Gras Indian tribes meaning „We’re coming for you“ or „Here we come.“

„Rich people living in paradise
Poor people under the bridge at night, oh yeah
Most people know what it takes to survive
But my people know how to do it and thrive.“

Cha Wa celebrates Black culture through the medium of rhythm, while also punctuating cultural differences with the hope of opening up the eyes and ears of those ignorant of, or ignoring, those differences. Decked out in a brilliant green feathered „Indian suit,“ Joseph Boudreaux Jr. celebrates the roots of Mardi Gras Indian culture.

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